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Why was this blog created?

All further in-house efforts to further justice in the US justice system are futile. These efforts are only worthwhile to the degree that they provide additional documentation of the widespread corruption of the US justice system.

Our focus must be on the international community.

In November 2010 the United Nations will review for the first time ever the Human Rights record of the United States. Corruption of the justice system was the core of reports filed by Human Rights Alert and others for the April 2010 deadline.

In August 2010 the US State Department is scheduled to respond on the reports, and in November 2010 the UN will conduct the review session and issue the report, and set goals, which the US would be asked to reach between 2010 and the next scheduled review in 2014.

Between now and November 2010, we must focus on informing and lobbying the nations that sit on the review panel, to ensure that the most effective report is issued.

This blog was created in hope that the French Government would support a UN UPR report that calls upon the US federal government to provide equal protection under the law to all who reside in the United States.

Please call or write your elected representatives. Please ask that the French Government support in November 2010 the issuance of a UPR report by the United Nations, which calls upon the US government to abide by its duties and responsibilities pursuant to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

S'il vous plaît appelez ou écrivez vos représentants élus. S'il vous plaît demander que le soutien du gouvernement français en Novembre 2010, la publication d'un rapport par les Nations Unies, qui invite le gouvernement américain à respecter ses obligations et responsabilités en vertu de la Déclaration universelle des droits de l'homme.

S'il vous plaît signer la pétition - Libérer Richard Fine

RICHARD FINE was arrested on March 4, 2009 and is held since then in solitary confinement in Twin Tower Jail in Los Angeles, California, with no records,  conforming with the fundamentals of the law, as the basis for his arrest and jailing.

Richard Fine - 70 ans, ancien procureur des États-Unis, a montré, que les juges de comté de Los Angeles avait pris «interdit» les paiements (appelé par les médias "pots de vin").Le 20 Février 2009, le gouverneur de Californie a signé «immunités rétroactives" (amnesties) pour tous les juges à Los Angeles. Moins de deux semaines plus tard, le 4 Mars, 2009 Richard Fine a été arrêté en audience publique, sans mandat. Il est détenu depuis en isolement cellulaire à Los Angeles, en Californie. Aucun jugement, condamnation ou la peine n'a jamais été inscrit dans son cas.

S'il vous plaît signer la pétition - Libérer Richard Fine:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

10-07-18 Forum de discussion OAK - Grands emprisonnements False dans le comté de Los Angeles, Californie

Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles, CAComment by Joseph Zernik, Los Angeles, CA 9 hours ago
Please sign the petition - FREE RICHARD FINE . Dear Dr Jackson: With all due respect, your comments below, are alarming, since they grossly misrepresent the findings of my study [1]: a) The "underlying papers: are not good. As best documented in the case of Richard Fine. [2] Media widely reported a March 4, 2009 "sentencing hearing". However, no such hearing was ever registered by the court. Media widely reported that Richard Fine was imprisoned based on a "March 4, 2009 Judgment for Contempt", However, not such judgment was ever entered by the court, as required by California Code to make "effectual for any purpose". No warrant was issued in the case either. Furthermore, the Sheriff insisted, in response to official inquiry by Los Angeles County Supervisor on producing fraudulent records, indicating that Richard Fine was arrested on location and by authority of the Municipal Court of San Pedro, which has not existed for almost a decade. In contrast, as part of the habeas corpus petition of Richard Fine, the Sheriff produced a false on its face judgment of the Superior Court, County of Los Angeles, City of Los Angeles, which was stamped on its face "FILED" on March 4, 2009, but signed on its last face by Judge Yaffe on March 24, 2009, and was never authenticated and never entered. b) Regarding any claim that such fraudulent records were the result of shortage of funds - (i) the Sheriff refused to correct the false records, even after their fraudulent nature was brought to his attention - there simply are no valid records for the arrest and imprisonment. (ii) A control study of another Los Angeles County registration system - the catalog of the law library - found it close to perfection. In short: I find it disappointing that you try to make false excuse for the large scale false imprisonments in Los Angeles County, which were documented in official, unofficial, and media reports for over a decade. Your assertions were based on no data at all - only speculations. Joseph Zernik [1] Data mining as a civil duty - prisoners' registration systems http://www.scribd.com/doc/33520723/ [2] The various records in Richard Fine's case are linked in the petition - Free Richard Fine: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/free-fine
Dr. A. D. JacksonComment by Dr. A. D. Jackson 10 hours ago
Hello Everyone, Lunch Under the OAK and other sources pointed out that L A County's records system for tracking court proceedings and finding the whereabouts of the incarcerated is very inaccurate. Given that California is broke, it's hard to see when that will all get fixed. It does make the process difficult, looking through papers and going from lock up to lockup, but if the underlying paper is good , it does not constitute false imprisonment. Ultimately we tend to fall back on original paper. It has long been a policy even under the old common law to have public trials and not to secrete inmates, so I understand the concern. On occasion we get something like Operation Greylord of the early 80s where some 10% of the judges in the Circuit Court of Cook County (Chicago) were convicted of bribery and other judicial misconduct. Cook County is not the only court system needing probing, and that we don't have more Greylords is unfortunate. Andrew

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